Expertise Through Partnership

At Dheya we focus on providing end to end services to our customers which may involve technologies in the latest trend or niche category.

To enable this business model of complete ownership we have strategic partnerships to provide solutions in the areas of

  • Electronics Design and IoT
  • Extended Reality i.e. virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) to Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

For any case studies related to these solution offerings please contact us.

  • Extended Reality (XR)

    Extended reality (XR) is an awesome technology that encapsulates the spectrum from virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) to Mixed Reality (MR) and presents exciting ways to engage with customers and end-users. While it can be implemented across a diverse set of business use-cases; popularly its been used for sales and marketing purposes. We help companies and brands utilize XR and position themselves to be leaders in this rapidly evolving landscape.

    Our XR team is the best in league, having done more than 50+ XR projects across various domains including a few award-winning ones and co-creating innovative products with Fortune500 companies.

    XR for Sales - Empower your consumers directly with XR tools to visualize and buy with ecommerce enabled AR apps. From branded single product apps to multi-products configurable platforms, we have done it all.

    XR Experiences for Marketing - Innovative businesses and brands have been leveraging XR smartly to increase their mindshare with their prospects/clients. XR is a perfect tool to showcase products and even complex solutions with a WOW.

    Virtual Reality (VR) can help showcase immersive and interactive experience of your company, culture, products, or even solutions to customers remotely or within experience zones. Similarly, Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile devices or wearables can help augment your story digitally over real products or help consumers experience all of it digitally.

    Virtual Tours | VR Videos | VR Gamified Showcase | AR Showcase Apps | MR Experiential Apps

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine Learning

    The next big Industry trend is in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. This technology is becoming highly integrated into core engineering to become the next big leap for most industries looking for new ways to improve efficiency and financial growth.

    With the advent of affordable faster computing power and vision systems it is now possible to automate most of the human dependent repetitive tasks using different learning algorithms. If sufficient data exists in an Industry we can now “teach” a software-based system to mimic human intelligence in perception, interpretation and execution based on a precise decision-making process.

    At Dheya we have partnered with some of the experienced professionals in the industry to deliver Industrial AI/ML services to our customers. Our expertise includes.

    • Visual Quality Inspection
    • 3D Vision Inspection
    • Identification and counting
    • Product assembly and Packaging Monitoring
    • Reading Text and bar code
    • Non-Visual Automation
  • Electronic Systems and IoT

    In this space we offer the below solutions related to electronics.

    • Electronics Hardware Design
    • Electronics [Embedded] System Design
    • High Speed Board designs 10GHz
    • CPLD / FPGA Designs
    • Micro controller / Microprocessor based board design
    • PCB Design
    • High Speed PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, PCI, PCI-Express
    • High Speed Serial IO, Giga ADC & DAC, DDR3
    • 3U and 6U Eurocard format Daughter cards
    • Software service:
    • Firmware based on Processor, Microcontroller, FPGA boards.
    • Application SW Data acquisition/ Data logger
    • Device driver development
    • BSP Board support packages development

In the IoT space we offer

  • Building and manufacturing automation
  • Access Control, Light and temperature control
  • Connected appliances, Energy minimization
  • Flow Optimization
  • Real-Time Inventory & Asset Tracking
  • Employee Safety monitoring
  • Automotive IoT
  • Wireless connectivity, Advanced sensor networks
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Infotainment