Aerospace and Defense

Dheya Technologies offers end-to-end engineering solutions across aerospace product development, product lifecycle management including conventional and additive manufacturing. Dheya helps its customers to accelerate product development using innovative methods, enhance consumer experience and make manufacturing processes more efficient. With its diversified expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Product Engineering software, Dheya support turbomachinery and power plant systems, avionics, airframes and aerostructures. Dheya drives business outcomes for OEMs using digital initiatives like Design System Integration, Model Based Design, Digital Manufacturing and Predictive Maintenance. Dheya team also comes with more than two decades of experience in gas turbines and power plant.



Transportation industry is experiencing a rapidly evolving landscape. Dheya is committed to solving any challenges that exist for its customers by accelerating vehicle body, power train design, vehicle electronics and autonomous systems. Dheya is uniquely positioned to partner with companies through its deep domain knowledge in the transportation industry and engineering expertise in Mechanical, Electronics, Software and Digital Technologies. Having worked with some of the Indian PSUs as well as premier OEMs, Dheya understand the importance of delivering value to the industry’s end customers. Ranging from embedded & electronics to mechanical engineering, Dheya’s solutions and services are designed to enhance passenger experiences at every link of the value chain. Dheya enables its customers in the transportation industry to create the edge in safety, comfort and overall product experience.


Oil & Gas and Industrial Engineering

Industrial products such as heavy machinery, machine tools, turbo-machinery, tractors, excavators, earth moving vehicles, material handling equipment, plants for process industry, large industrial components such as pumps, generators and boilers are designed and developed to solve a specific industry use case and their production quantities range from small numbers to huge quantities. These products are getting smarter, connected and efficient by the day and their innovation cycles are getting shorter. Industrial OEMs are facing difficulty in finding the right resources for new product design and improving and the legacy products. Dheya provides solutions to help solve the industrial products challenges of design and development, manufacturing, supply chain, product sustenance, operations and maintenance optimization, and asset management. Dheya helps its customers in digital initiatives like Model Based Design, Digital Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance through its expertise in IoT, AI, ML, AR/VR, Cloud, Data Analytics and many more advanced capabilities.



There is an ever-growing demand in today’s avionics and embedded products which require being feature rich, reliable and cost effective. Product introduction and innovation cycles are getting shorted while product companies are having difficulty to find the right resources to develop and sustain their products. Dheya’s domain expertise in embedded product engineering has helped its customers develop and deploy products faster, reduce development cost and time to market. Dheya’s hands-on-work with some of India’s premier defence PSUs has helped to bring in consistent experience across the entire product portfolio, which in turn has enabled customers to deliver world class products in the market. Dheya offer services throughout the product lifecycle – from design and development to testing, production support, and post product introduction support across multiple domains and technologies. The services include chassis design and sizing, electronics packaging, embedded electronics and software development, thermal management and optimization, Multiphysics analysis and structural qualification through detailed analysis, testing and validations.


General Engineering

Dheya has a team of dedicated and passionate engineers who are capable of providing solutions to complex engineering problems from any domain. Dheya has developed unique capabilities to deal with such a wide spaced demand and requirements which can range from really complex and macroscale products such as gas turbines to microscale products such as watch and miniature mechanisms. Dheya has successfully delivered many unique and simpler solutions to complex problems in the field of general engineering spanning across a wide variety of products. General engineering technical support includes various segments of engineering such as product design using CAD, product lifecycle and validation using CAE and CFD, product development and production using CAM and digital manufacturing. Dheya has expertise in each of the mentioned capabilities and has demonstrated and delivered to many of its premier customers.