Product Design and Development

Dheya through its resource and strategic partnerships can support end to end Product design and Development of any mechanical based system or component.

The approach or activity undertaken by our engineers at each stage of product development are as shown:

  • Voice of the Customer: The "voice of the customer" or Customer requirements with their expectations are systematically captured and understood by the technical team.
  • Concept/ideation: Having thoroughly understood the customer requirements inclusive of the product/component requirement our engineers, using various tools such as brainstorming, TRIZ etc innovative functional design concepts are generated.
  • Design selection and Project planning: This Design feasibility Phase is an important stage as it is an opportunity to evaluate the project/product delivery through a cost and timeline perspective This stage starts off with our engineers reviewing each concept from the stage 1 and meriting them against the customer requirements enabling the selection of the concept that best fulfils the technical and business requirements A risk assessment and/or a preliminary DFMEA is also done to facilitate detail design An initiation of DfM and/or DfA session is also done during this phase A formal review with the customer for approval is held to communicate the feasible concept, updated project plan and delivery milestones.
  • Design and development: Dheya is highly skilled and experienced in all requirements of detail design Starting from System level engineering till detail drawing creation of the product and /or its components Dheya has all the necessary tools, skills and mentorship to deliver the expected quality in time In this stage our engineers execute all the necessary CAE, CFD, statistical and hand calculations based assessment to verify the reliability or robustness of the product/component in its operational environment Tweaks to the concept are done to overcome any limitations and manufacturing feasibility is reassessed.
  • Prototyping, Testing & Verification/Validation: In scenarios needing prototype testing for verification/validation, Dheya can take the responsibility of the prototype creation along with being responsible for the comprehensive testing of the prototype A detail report justifying the robustness of the design and its conformance to performance requirements will be submitted from Dheya to the customer.
  • Manufacture and delivery: Dheya can currently involve in the manufacture and deliver of products or components or it can provide the required design support for manufacture of the product/part/component as needed.